Friday, 30 November 2012

Tips and Ways of Getting More Likes on Your Facebook Page

A lot of businesses – big and small – are using Facebook to market their products and services, and it is quite understandable why. Facebook provides organization of all kinds with a unique platform to not only market their products, but also get more exposure and drive traffic to their blogs and websites (the latter is something that a lot of bloggers will particularly be interested in doing).

An essential part of being successful with a Facebook page is to get a large number of people to ‘like’ your page. Normally, this takes time, and/or a serious effort on your part, however here are a few tips that you can use to boost the number of likes on your Facebook page:

1. Content is king! Yes, that not only applies to your blog, it is equally applicable to your Facebook page as well! Share unique, interesting, informative, thought-provoking, and the best-possible content on Facebook, and it will tend to get a large amount of ‘likes’ as well as shares. When people share you updates on Facebook, it appears on their wall, and is put up on their newsfeed for their friends to see, maximizing your exposure and providing you with more fans. If your content is good, it may end up getting a large amount of likes and shares. My recommendation would be to use a combination of text and images.

2. Always interact with your fans. In my opinion, this is the golden rule for being successful on Facebook. The best (successful) pages on Facebook are those that promote interaction between the organization and its fans/followers (as well as among the fans and followers). Make sure that all contributors and publishers on your blog – or people in your organization, whichever’s applicable – spend a few minutes daily to speak with their Facebook fan, respond to questions, take part in the discussions, etc.

3. Network with other page owners. Once again, this is similar to networking and building strong relationships, as a blogger, with other bloggers. You should seek and look up Facebook page owners with pages related to, or similar as yours and try finding mutually-beneficial ways of promoting each other’s pages. For instance if you have a blog on tech, you might want to get in touch with other technology page-owners, to show an interest in sharing their posts on your page, and in return, ask them to do the same with yours.

4. Put the address of your Facebook page on all your products, services and any other places where your customers will be able to see it. After your page reaches a certain amount of likes (25, last time I checked), you can go into the admin panel of the page and create a custom URL (something like Put this up on all your products, services, business cards, advertisements, outlets, email signatures and any other place(s) where people will see it.

5. Add a Facebook Like Box on your blog as well as your website. You can get one for your blog here. Simply customize it – add the URL of your page and change the width, height, etc. (you’ll get a preview of the box in real-time), and add it to the sidebar of your blog. This gives you a lot of exposure, and whenever someone visits your blog/website, they’ll be able to easily go to your page in order to become a fan.

6. Promote your page through a contest. What kind of contest it is really depends on the kind of page it is. For instance a Facebook page for a photography blog could ask its fans to submit interesting photos through the page, and the best 3 entries get a prize (cash, the new Nikon lens, etc.). A computer tech page on my Facebook ran an interesting contest a few days back: all you had to do was to ‘like’ their page, and share one of their posts on your wall, and you would become eligible to win a gift worth $500! This gave them a large number of ‘likes’ and shares, instantly maximizing their exposure and bringing a lot of new fans on their page. PS. Remember that with a contest, the prize has to be valuable enough for the people in your niche.

7. Use your Facebook page! One of the best ways of getting the word out is to actually use your Facebook page like you would use your personal profile. Use the page to ‘like’ and comment on other pages’ walls, or on their updates. Make it a point to log into your page at least a couple of times every day, and comment on interesting stories in your new feed, participate in a conversation, and so on.

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